Wooden Balance Bikes For Kids

10 Best Wooden Balance Bikes For Kids(Review & Guide)

Are you looking for the best wooden balance bikes for your kids? Balance bikes are an excellent way to keep your child active and help them improve balance and coordination. In addition, they are much more environmentally safe. 

However, buying initial bikes for your kiddos can be a hard decision to make. We know how difficult it is to pick the best one that perfectly serves the purpose at a reasonable price. But don’t worry, because you have already found the solution.

To make your lives easy, we compiled a list of the top 10 best wooden balance bikes and buying guides and FAQs after thorough research. So, keep reading till the end! 

How to Choose the Best Wooden Balance Bikes For Kids?

1. Bike Weight

You must carefully choose a bike with the right weight; your choice depends on your child’s weight and size. Generally speaking, the more the bike weighs, the more difficult it will be for your child to ride on it. The ultimate rule of thumb is that the product should not consider more than 30% of your child’s weight when purchasing a bike. 

2. Tires

You can pick from five types of tires: EVA foam, pneumatic, rubber, hard plastic, and big apple tires. Well, each of these tires has its benefits, but our favorite is EVA foam tires. They are super light, and they require little maintenance. 

Pneumatic tires need a lot of maintenance because they are prone to popping. Rubber tires are heavier and rarely pop; however, they are better for indoor use. Hard plastic tires are light but have the lowest quality, and lastly, big apple tires are wider, but there are better options than this one. Well, now you can see why we love EVA foam tires the most! 

3. Seat Height And Adjustability

You must be careful while buying the best bike for your child because you should buy a bike that fits their size and weight. We suggest you buy bikes that grow with your child, but before you go shopping, you should measure their inseam and subtract an inch from it.

If the seat’s lowest height equals the number you calculated, you have found the perfect match for yourself! However, we strongly recommend buying bikes with adjustable seats if you want to save money and time.

4. Frame Materials

The best thing about wooden balance bikes is that they are eco-friendly, so you get a good quality product and don’t have to worry about harming our planet. Before you buy a balance bike for your kid, you must check the quality of the frame if you want the product to last longer. 

5. Design

You don’t want to buy a bike your child wouldn’t like to ride. You should buy a product that matches their unique preferences, and kids like it when things go their way. So, when it comes to getting a bike, you must consider your child’s choices. If they want the product you buy, they will spend more time practicing and playing with it. 

6. Warranty

We all love products that come with a warranty. While children play with their toys or ride bikes, they will certainly break or damage them once. If you don’t want extra stress about maintenance and repair, you can buy a product with proper coverage. 

10 Best Wooden Balance Bikes For Kids Review

1. Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

The Hape Scoot Wooden Bike has a frame made from premium wood and rubber wheels, making the product durable and sturdy. So, this product is not easy to break, and you don’t have to rush to the store after every few months to buy another bike for your kid. Moreover, this bike is lightweight, and your toddler can quickly move it around. 

The seat is 8.98 inches above the floor and unadjustable, which most parents may count as a disadvantage. Even though it lacks this feature, it is an award-winning product and was the 2013 parent’s favorite choice.


Make learning easy for your child! The rubberized wheels of the wooden bike allow smooth movement and protect your floors. Plus, they don’t wear out that easily!


This wooden bike is suited for babies who are between 12 to 24 months. The overall height of the product is 15.1 inches. The object’s size is perfect, as your baby can easily ride on it with little assistance. 

Safe To Play With

Are you worried about your baby’s safety? No need to stress out because the product is highly durable. It contains water-based paints and has a non-toxic finish. 

High Standards Of Manufacture

What’s better than an award-winning product? The Hape Scoot Wooden Bike has passed all tests – from sharp points to chemical ones. It’s the winner of the 2013 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. 


  • Very sturdy. 
  • Smooth wheels. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • It makes riding easy to learn. 


  • Little expensive.
  • The seat’s height is unadjustable. 

Final Verdict

If you want to get an exciting ride for your 12 to 24 months old baby, you should buy this product as it has the best features to help improve your child’s coordination and speed up development. 

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2.Janod Mademoiselle Pink Scooter Balance Bike

Janod Mademoiselle Pink Scooter Balance Bike

Would your child love to ride on a retro-style wooden bike? The Janod Mademoiselle Pink Scooter grows with your toddler and helps them learn basic cycling skills. The wooden bike has an adjustable seat and ergonomic handles that make the toy vehicle comfortable for your toes. 

The product also comes with durable, inflatable wheels that make the bike appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. This wooden bike has a contemporary European design, and the frame is made from high-quality materials. The paint finish is non-toxic, and it meets the highest safety standards.

Ergonomic Handles

The ergonomic handles are wrapped with rubber and have been designed to provide maximum comfort to your baby when they are enjoying the ride. 

Adjustable Seat

Kids grow up fast, but you don’t have to worry about buying a new bike for your toddler because this product has an adjustable seat that adapts to the child’s fast-growing height.

Safe To Play With

Your child’s safety comes first! You can now sit back, relax, and watch your child play with this bike because it meets all American and European safety standards. 

Storage Area

Would your child love to keep some extra treasures and toys while riding? This classy wooden bike has a detachable bag to keep your baby’s favorite cuddly toy. 


  • Great quality.
  • Safe for children. 
  • Comfortable to ride on. 
  • Extra storage.


  • Hard-to-read manual. 
  • Small size. 

Final Verdict

Would your kiddo love to take part in an exciting cycling activity? This product is suitable for energetic, playful children between 3 and 5 years old. This bike offers safety, comfort, and fun all in a place.

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3. Kinderfeets Balance Bike – Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Balance Bike - Wooden Balance Bike

Are you a climate justice advocate and particular about protecting the environment? Then, this product is perfect for your little green bean because it’s highly environmentally friendly. The frame is made from wood from fast-growing birch trees, but that’s not the only good thing about this bike. 

It has an adjustable seat, ergonomic handles, and a low step-through frame that helps maintain a good posture. Besides that, the bike’s wheels are durable, don’t wear out quickly, and allow your child to ride smoothly without difficulty while depending. In addition, this bike is safe as it is made from non-toxic materials. 


Want your kiddo to learn how to care for the environment? This bike frame is made from birch trees, and the minimal packaging is made from recycled paper and water-based paints. 

Ergonomic Design

The adjustable cushioned seats and handlebars have been designed to ensure that your child remains comfortable and encourages good posture and development. 

Safe To Play With

As a parent, you may be more concerned about your toddler’s safety, but you don’t have to worry about it when you buy this bike with non-toxic handle grips and used harmless adhesives and paints. 


You can adjust the bike’s seat 12 to 15 inches above the ground. The bike’s dimensions are 33 x 14 x 21.5 inches, which means it can support children who weigh up to 65 pounds.  


  • Sturdy.
  • Environmentally friendly. 
  • Award-winning product. 
  • Offers ultimate comfort.


  • I can’t add pedals. 
  • It can be easily chipped. 

Final Verdict

If your kids want to learn the basics of cycling and love buying environmentally-friendly, buy this bike for your kiddos! Its ergonomic design and safety features are definitely worth the shot.

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4. Kinderfeets TinyTot 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets TinyTot 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike

If you are looking for a wooden bike that your kiddo will love to ride on, this is the product you need to get instantly. The best thing about this wooden bike is that it’s made from environmentally-friendly materials, which do not harm the environment! The style and design of the bike’s frame are classic and super cute!

Furthermore, you don’t have to dread reading confusing manuals because assembling this bike is a breeze! The seat and handles have an ergonomic design that allows your child to feel comfortable while enjoying their ride. Oh! You sure don’t have to be concerned about your child’s safety because this bike is made from harmless, non-toxic materials. 

Safe To Play With

As we mentioned before, the bike was made while keeping your toddlers in mind, and the materials used to manufacture this are not dangerous for kids. 


Have you looked at this pretty wood design? But wait, hundreds of trees weren’t cut down to make this product. Recycled materials and wood from fast-growing trees were used while making this product. 

Convertible design

If your toddler is a quick learner and has already taught themselves how to ride the bike, you can convert it into a balance bike using the conversion axle. 

Adjustable Seat

It looks like your baby is growing up too fast – well, chill out because you can adjust the seat’s height so your toddler can ride it without help!


  • Environmentally-friendly. 
  • Safe for children. 
  • Excellent quality. 
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Not very durable. 
  • Difficult to adjust the seat’s height. 

Final Verdict

Moms and dads who want their babies to have a fun riding experience can buy this product to improve their balance and coordination. This bike is suitable for babies who are 12 months or older. 

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5. Kinderfeets


Little kiddos love to have something exciting to look forward to, and the Kinderfeets wooden bike is a perfect toy for your child if you want to speed up their growth and development. The balance bike includes firm handle grips and cushioned seats that your child can comfortably sit on. A plus point is that the lightweight, strong bike frame eases transportation and will help reduce parental assistance. 

Comfortable To Ride On

This bamboo beauty has a padded seat and soft handlebar grips that prevent your toddler from getting irritated because of any discomfort. With this bike, they can ride all day long!

Safe To Play With

Safety – check! The bike has a strong wooden frame that cannot easily damage and survive multiple bumps and punctures. Thus, reducing the risks of injury. 

Easy To Assemble

We know parents’ anxiety when they look at assembly manuals, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting in a lot of energy while assembling this product. 

Adjustable Seat

This bike will grow with your child, and if you feel that your child has grown up, you can adjust the seat’s height to ensure they can easily ride on the bike.  


  • Safe design.
  • Strong and durable. 
  • Quick and easy assembly. 
  • It is made from pure wood. 


  • It may fall apart. 
  • Problems in shipping.

Final Verdict

Do you have a 2-year-old kid waiting for their next present? This bike is suitable for 2 + years old kids because it comes with the best features that provide comfort, security, and fun. 

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6. Kinderfeets TinyTot Plus 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets TinyTot Plus 2-in-1 Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets launched this fantastic product for all little kiddies who want to learn how to cycle. The bike has been perfectly sized for toddlers (18 months and four years old), giving supreme comfort to your kids while riding. 

Don’t worry about your child getting hurt! This product is child-safe, and it has passed multiple tests. The bike is also made from eco-friendly materials because Kinderfeet doesn’t only care about your children; it also thinks about the environment. 

Comfortable To Ride On

You don’t want your child to keep getting off the bike and miss out on all the fun. This bike has airless tires and a well-padded seat to improve balance and comfort. 


Do you care about the planet? That’s great because this bike is made from the best, premium, sustainable materials like birchwood, and it comes with minimal packaging made from recycled materials. 

Safe To Play With

This product has been tested by European and American markets, after which they stated that this product is safe to play with and use for children. 


This award-winning bike comes in perfect sizes with adjustable seating heights and is designed for kids 8 to 4 years old. This bike can also tolerate a weight of 55 pounds. 


  • Harmless and child-safe. 
  • Convertible bike. 
  • Adjustable seat. 
  • Amazing quality. 


  • Gets chipped easily.
  • The quality of the wheels may deteriorate. 

Final Verdict

The Kinderfeet is a high-quality bike with perfect features made from eco-friendly materials but offers the same comfort and ease as every motorcycle. Moreover, the quality of this bike is just incredible.

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7. HAPTOO Balance Bike

HAPTOO Balance Bike

Just look at this classy bike! Doesn’t it look like something you want to buy for your little one? This 12-inch wooden bike was made to help children learn how to balance and ride. The product is made from sustainable, eco-friendly wood; the tires don’t wear quickly and are puncture-proof. 

In addition, you don’t need to use any tools to assemble it. However, what’s best about this product is that it’s designed for beginners. It has a 45-degree steering limiter, two-seat height adjustment options, and is lightweight. All of these characteristics make learning cycling easy for your kid! 

Safe To Play With

No worries about your kiddo’s safety because this ride has been made from sustainable wood, but it has a perfect finish that prevents your toddler’s tiny feet from getting scratched. 

Adjustable Seat Height

We all know that shopping for a new product is a great hassle, but this bike comes with an adjustable seat. Your child can grow into this bike and have a never-ending exciting ride! 

Best Design For Beginners

This bike also has extra features that help your kid learn to cycle fast. The tires are puncture-proof, and it has a 45-degree steering limit. This helps to prevent your child from falling and getting injured.

Hassle-Free Assembly

This product also comes with a pre-assembled installation kit that helps parents assemble the bike in less than 10 minutes. 


  • Hassle-free assembly. 
  • Safe to use.
  • Offers stability.
  • Puncture-proof tires. 


  • Heavy. 
  • Short seat.

Final Verdict

This bike is best for enthusiastic kids within the age gap of 2 to 5 years old. Moreover, this bike can tolerate up to 55 pounds, so if your kind meets this condition – purchase this product today! 

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8. Kinderfeets Balance Bike – Adjustable Riding Balance Toy for Kids

Kinderfeets Balance Bike - Wooden Balance Bike

Are you looking for the ultimate balance bike that is eco-friendly and has the best features? It’s time that you get something incredible for your toddler to help them learn how to cycle. This product has an elegant frame with a cushioned adjustable seat and ergonomically designed handlebars that offer supreme comfort to little riders.

This award-winning product has passed all safety and manufacturing tests, so we believe you will never experience any issues with this product as a parent!


Yup! You can take care of the planet while ensuring your child remains active during the day. The bike is made from birchwood and has minimal packaging made from recycled paper. 


When talking about the size of this bike, it is elegant-looking, 33 x 14 x 21.5 inches, and can tolerate a weight of 65 pounds. The sizing is perfect, making the bike suitable for kids eight months to 2 years old.  


This award-winning bike has undergone multiple tests, and after that, it has been declared safe by European and American markets.

Ergonomic design

This bike has an adjustable cushioned seat and ergonomic handlebars that maximize comfort while your child is riding indoors or outdoors.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Cushioned, adjustable seats.
  • I have met high standards of manufacturing.


  • Less durable. 
  • Cheap wood. 

Final Verdict

This eco-friendly product is best for all toddlers between 8 months to two years old. If you are looking for something classy and valuable, this product is excellent! 

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9. Wooden Sport Balance Bike With 2 Wheels

Wooden Sport Balance Bike With 2 Wheels

This Wooden Balance Bike has a sturdy design, so it doesn’t wear away quickly, and it also makes the bike best to use on all types of surfaces. The rubber wheels allow smooth and easy riding, and the rubber handles are also easy to grip. Children are fast-growing little creatures, so you can adjust the seats if your child has gained height. 

In addition, this bike comes with cute designs, and look at those bright colors! The designed wooden frame gives the entire cycle a classy look, and your child would never want to come off it! This product is pretty good in robustness, and it doesn’t get damaged that easily. 

Sturdy Structure

The robust design of this bike prevents it from wearing off quickly, and you don’t have to rush to the store after every few months to buy a new bike.


The wood used to make this is sustainable; the handles are non-toxic, and water-based lacquers were used to make this product.


This cute bike has been designed for little riders who want to improve their riding skills. This product helps them master balance and learn how to steer. ‘

Adjustable Seats

We are happy to hear that your kid is growing up! If you feel this bike has become small for them, adjust the seats so your toddler can easily ride on it. 


  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Cute designs. 
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable seat. 


  • Low quality. 
  • Less durable.

Final Verdict

This product is the best fit if you need an eco-friendly product with a cute design! It offers a sturdy structure along with comfort to your child.

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10. Lil’ Rider 3-in-1 Balance Bike

Lil' Rider 3-in-1 Balance Bike

This product is made from pure wood and comes with rubber handles and wheels. These features will help your child have a smooth, safe ride and ensure that your child has maximum comfort during the ride. This wooden balance bike also comes with three convertible modes that you can change if your child faces difficulty while riding the bike. 

Another great thing about this convertible bike is that you can take this for a ride wherever you want to! You don’t have to worry about the frame getting damaged indoors or outdoors. This bike will grow with your child, and you can adjust the seats when your child grows older. 


This bike has three convertible modes to help your child walk, balance, and steer. Thus, this will turn your toddlers into little experts before you buy them a new cycle. However, this bicycle doesn’t have pedals, which can help strengthen your child’s legs.

Sturdy Construction

This product has a durable wooden frame that doesn’t damage easily. A plus point is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to buy new bikes after every few months because it has a robust design.

Use It Anywhere

The best thing is that your child can ride this bike wherever they want to because it comes with rubber wheels and robust construction. 

Adjustable Seats

If your child is getting tall fast, then no need to stress out because this bike has an adjustable seat. You can also change the seat’s height to cater to your child’s needs. 


  • It can be used anywhere.
  • Robust design. 
  • Tough wheels. 
  • Convertible bike.


  • Not durable.
  • Limited motion of the steering wheel.

Final Verdict

They are looking for a wood balance bike to help your totheirr become strong and learn how to balance and steer. Then this product is for you! Robust design and rugged wheels ensure safety measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Balance Bikes

We hope that you found the product of your choice. Well, it looks like some questions are still clouding you. It’s okay because we created this FAQ section to answer all commonly asked questions to eradicate any concerns or confusion before you purchase a product.

1. How to Choose Wooden Balance Bike for your kids?

Before purchasing a balance bike, please measure your child’s inseams and check the minimum height seat to ensure it matches the inseam. We suggest you also check the maximum height of the product so that you don’t have to rush to buy a new product when your child grows up. 

2. Balance bikes Vs. Traditional tricycles?

We must say that in this case – balance bikes are the winner! Firstly, they move safely and smoothly over uneven surfaces. They are also lightweight and easy to ride. In addition, balance bikes can help your kids improve and develop their gross motor balance and steering skills. As a result, balanced bikes allow children to learn how to ride bikes independently. 

3. What age of kids is best for a balance bike?

Typically, 18 months is the best age for toddlers to sit and play on balance bikes. If your toddler has started to walk, they can easily ride on balance bikes. 

4. How to ride a wooden balance bike?

If you have a traditional cycle, you can take off the wheels and paddles, so their feet are on the ground, giving children some confidence. 

How to ride a wooden balance bike? First, make your child walk with the bike and push the brakes, so they know how to use them. Then grab them underneath the shoulders and push them. While riding on the surface،, ask them to lift their feet. After they have gained enough confidence to ride, let them practice independently.


We are pretty sure that you figured out which product to buy now! If you have further queries, refer to the article or contact us.

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