3 Wheel Scooters For Kids

10 Best Three Wheel Scooters For Kids(Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Are you searching for the best three-wheel scooter for your kid? Buying a three-wheel scooter can be challenging because of the unlimited options in the market, Don’t worry! We have listed the top ten best three-wheel scooters along with their unique features for your kids.

What is a Three wheel scooter?

There are three types of scooters available for kids in the market: the two-wheel, three-wheel, and four-wheel. But in the beginning, most parents bought three-wheel scooters for their kids as they could learn balance quickly and easily. 

A three-wheel scooter consists of two front wheels and one wheel at the back. They are self-balanced even toddlers can hop and go. Also, their brakes are of very good quality, and with their colorful LED wheels, they become an attraction for young kids.

Benefits Of Three Wheel Scooter

Buying a scooter is one of the complex tasks. You might be confused about which one to buy for your kid so he can learn balancing quickly. A three-wheel scooter is the only solution to all your concerns, and it gives a lot of benefits to your  kid. Some essential benefits of three-wheel scooters are given below:

1.Improves Strength And Muscle Tone

One of the essential benefits of these scooters is that they help your child grow up physically. Kids who engage their leg muscles while riding a scooter and activate their core to maintain balance. This process can help improve the overall well-being of your kid’s muscles and keep them active every day.

2.Balancing And Coordination

Compared to other scooters, three-wheel scooters are a better option for your kid to learn to balance more rapidly and efficiently. Three-wheel scooters are designed in such a way that they are self-balanced scooters. Making children learn balancing is one of the essential keys in a child’s motor skills development.

It helps your kid by keeping one leg on deg or moving the scooter with another leg which helps them maintain balance. Moreover, lean to steer technology and steering lock features in these scooters promote strong balancing while learning through a turn.

Along with balancing, it also helps your kid to learn eye coordination. When a child can steer, kick, balance, and brake simultaneously, that works wonders in growing the child’s coordination power outdoors. Coordination will be high when they avoid obstacles in their way, brake and stop and learn to do some tricks while riding.

3.Develops Groundwork For Future

These scooters develop kids’ interest in riding a bike and show that they can attain physical skills. It helps them in other sports too. By Making outdoors exciting, three-wheel scooters can help children stay healthy. Whether a mobility scooter or a three-wheel model, scooters make getting from point A to point B easier. It saves time and encourages independence

10 Best Three Wheel Scooters For Kids Review

1. 6KU Scooter For Kids

6KU Scooter For Kids

6KU Scooter for Kids is a famous and top-of-the-list scooter with smart features. So, you can go with it, but first, you should see its essential and attractive features before making it your choice.

Lightweight And Durable

The first thing you consider in a scooter is that it should be lightweight and long-lasting. Then you are looking at the right Scooter. 6KU Scooter for kids offers you both qualities. It is super light in weight and lean to steer design, making it safe and comfortable for your kid to enjoy while riding it.

Adjustable Height Handlebars

6KU Scooter for Kids is provided with these adjustable height handlebars, a T-shaped bar, and a modified safety lifting lock that can be adjusted from 26″ and up to 30″. Adjustable handlebars can be accommodated for kids of 3-8 years old or having a height 2’5″ – 5’0″.

3 LED Flashing Wheels And A Wider Deck

6KU Scooter features two large fronts LED extra-wide wheels and double rear LED wheels that light up when riding it. They are bright that can be seen in the daytime and are safe to ride on wood floors without scratching. It has an expansive deck that can hold up to 110 lbs, and the deck is non -slip.


  • Different Color Options
  • No assembly required
  • Fast and firm braking system
  • Adjustable height to grow with your child


  • Little Expensive
  • Lighting in the wheels is not much durable.

Final Verdict

Analyzing the above features should be a clear choice for you if you want to buy a three-wheel scooter for your kid. Its stability and balancing ability help your child learn to ride in a short time.

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2. IMMEK Kick Scooter For Kids

IMMEK Kick Scooter For Kids

If you want to purchase the best stylish scooter for your kid, IMMEK Kick Scooters should be on your priority list. They come in different eye-popping colors along with unique features.

Safe And Smooth Riding

The first thing that makes you curious before buying a scooter for your kid is whether this will be safe for kid or not? Don’t think much. IMMEK Kick Scooters are fully eligible for that. It features an extra-wide deck design with an equipped non-slip function that makes your child stable and comfortable. In addition, it can hold a weight of up to 110 lbs or 50 kgs. It has unique high rebound wheels and ABEC 7 bearings that make scooters smooth and quiet while riding.

PU Flashing Wheels

IMMEK Kick Scooter features two large fronts LED wheels, and small rear LED wheels that glow so bright. They look so attractive at night. These LED wheels are motion-activated, having no batteries in them. This feature makes your kid’s scooter look unique and gives him a joyful ride.

Turn And Stop Easily

IMMEK Kick Scooter, with its lean-to-strake technology and lightweight design, offers better control during rides and easily maintains balance by your child’s physical incline. A large aluminum reinforces rear foot brake is easy to stop the scooter at high speed and prevents muddy water splattering on your child’s back leg.


  • PU LED flashing wheels
  • Lightweight and stable
  • PU braking system
  • Smart design


  • Not foldable
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

By looking at these above features, you can see that IMMEK Kick Scooter is safe and stylish. Its material is also good. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth the price tag on it.

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3. JZLS Scooter For Kids

JZLS Scooter For Kids

With so many varieties in 3 wheels scooters, you become confused about which one to gift to your kid. JZLS offers all the features according to your child’s requirements and your affordability. But before purchasing it, let’s see its outstanding features in minor detail.

Three Position Height Adjustment

JZLS Scooter features three different height adjustment options for your kids according to their physique and comfort level. The three levels height-adjustable handles can be adjusted between 29.5inches,31.5inches, and 33 .5 inches which is suitable for kids ages 3 to 12 years. They can use their scooter as they continue to grow rather than buying a new one. This scooter can become your kid’s perfect childhood partner with this feature.

Double Layered Deck And Brakes

JZLS Scooter comes with a broader deck that is low to the ground so your kid can quickly get on and off. The panel of the scooter is designed with thick fiberglass and anti-slip, which improves stability. Embedded assembly is safe and reliable. JZLS Scooter rear wheels are not so easy to shake and are very stable. The metal rear double wheels brakes are more durable and quicker to stop the scooter anytime.

Highly Bearings And Flashing Wheels

The bearings of the JZLS Scooter have very low friction, low wear and tear during the ride. They have long-lasting and can be started with load, high accuracy of movement. They are also straightforward to seal and maintain. This scooter uses PU polyurethane high resilience silent wheels that will light up in various flashing colors. No batteries are required; the faster the speed, the brightness. This is also a safety guarantee for night riding.


  • Tilt steering system
  • Double layered non-slip deck
  • LED Flashing Wheels
  • Height Adjustable Handle


  • Not foldable
  • High price range for some people

Final Verdict

By the features mentioned above, it has been proved that it is the best toddler scooter. This scooter must be the best choice for your kid. JZLS also offers a 30 days return and exchange policy. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it now and make your kid enjoy his childhood with this fantastic partner.

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4. Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Scooter For Kids

Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Scooter For Kids

Do you need the most comfortable three-wheel scooter? Then you must buy Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Scooter. Your kid will enjoy riding it because of its extra comfort level compared to other three-wheel scooters. Let’s look at its essential features.

Natural Control System And LED Wheels

Swagtron, a three-wheel scooter, is one of the best options for your kid because it offers a more natural ride. Its new feature, named pivot-turning system, is simple and easy to use for beginner riders. Your kid must learn to turn it on. Another attractive feature shared among all the three-wheel scooters is LED colorful wheels that naturally glow as the scooter moves.

Easy To Assemble And Better Balance

Its assembly is effortless because it is very lightweight. It just weighs 5.5 pounds. Swagtron K5 is a beginner trike scooter for kids aged three years that is durable and easy to assemble as no extra tools are required for this purpose.

The other thing is that it provides your kid a perfect balance during a ride with the help of its vast and grippy deck that lows to the ground. It also consists of dual 4.7 inches PU front wheels combined to give your kid a smooth and balanced ride for his first experience.


  • Most affordable
  • Light up wheels
  • Adjustable height handlebars
  • Two-wheel back wheel added stability


  • Only two-color options
  • Stiff steering

Final Verdict

Your kid can have fun with Swagtron K5 as it is certified kids-friendly and durable. Also, it is affordable for everyone. So, after reviewing all. The above features fully satisfy its price, and it is the best one too.

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5. Lascoota Toddler Scooters For Kids

Lascoota Toddler Scooters For Kids

Lascoota is one of the well-known brands for kid’s scooters. Its two-wheel scooter is also trendy. But if you are looking for a three-wheeler, Lascoota has one for you according to your kid’s age requirements. Its main features are discussed below. Carefully have an eye on them.

Amazing Flashing Wheels

Lascoota Toddler Scooters come with extra and more bright LEDs on all three wheels of the scooter. They even start flashing at slower speeds and provide super cool light effects day and night. It is the one feature that your kid loves to have. This feature helps your kid when it’s dark. Your kid can still enjoy a joyful ride without any hurdle outdoors on their three-wheel scooter.

Easy to Fix And Disassemble

It can be fixed without needing any tool. Just open the box, snap the handlebar into the base, and it is ready for your kid to ride. To disassemble it, simply pull out the handlebar, and your toddler scooter for kids can be easily carried with you anywhere you want.

Sturdy For Smooth Ride

It is little enough for your kid to handle on his own and carry it around. Its premium PU wheels, an extra-wide stable deck, and aluminum-made handlebar with rubber grips ensure a safe and secure ride for your kid. With its removable seat, it’s the perfect starter scooter for your kids. Its height adjusting capacity is from 25 to 34 inches, and the weight capacity is up to 130 lbs. It means it is trustable to be used by kids aged 12.


  • Six color options
  • Turns smoothly
  • Almost 9 inches handlebar height adjustment
  • Light up wheels


  • In sitting mode, handlebars are very high
  • Plastic deck offers low traction – wear rubber-soled shoes

Final Verdict

By reading these features, you should go with Lascoota three-wheel scooters. If your kid wants a stylish and smooth ride, it’s the perfect one to buy for him because of this brand’s safety measures ensured for your kid.

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6. TONBUX Kids Scooter

TONBUX Kids Scooter

If you want to give a good scooter as gift for your kid, you should buy a TONBUX Kids Scooter for him. It is the perfect outdoor companion for your kid. Let’s see what features it offers you?

Modified Deck Design

TONBUX Kids Scooter’s original design deck is durable and sturdy enough to bear 110 lbs weight. The deck is designed low to the ground to make it handy for kids, making it easy to hop on and off. The deck is wide enough to place both feet. Kids can switch on from pushing to enjoy the beautiful ride.

Adjustable Handlebars And Lighting Up 3 Wheels

One of the best things which attract the buyers is its four different levels for adjusting the handlebars and a new safety lifting lock. Kids can use it from 3 -8 years of age, or its height capacity is 25 inches to 32 inches. It consists of three sizable front flash PU wheels along with a dust cover. This dust covers can protect the wheels from getting dirty fast.

Space Save And Shock Absorption Design

TONBUX Scooter’s one-click button releases the handlebar and saves it based on the scooter deck bottom. Make it compact for storage and transport purposes. Its deck is also safe and non-slip, which makes your kid feel safe while riding it. Another exciting feature this scooter is its shock absorption design which is suitable for various ground situations and prevents the scooter from rolling over.


  • Best in balancing
  • Light up LED flashing wheels
  • Height Adjustable
  • Foldable


  • Certain age limit
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

So before buying it must read these features mentioned above. Hopefully, these will make you more interested in buying TONBUX Scooter for your kid. Though it is expensive, the features it is giving you are far better than its cost.

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7. Mountalk Toddler Foldable Scooter for Kids

Mountalk Toddler Foldable Scooter for Kids

As your child turns 3, he needs something to ride outdoors and enjoy in the beautiful surrounding. You need to train your kids some. motor skills by buying a three-wheeler scooter for them. Then why do some other brands get them the most advanced Mountalk Toddler Foldable Scooter? Its impressive features will shock you. They are as follows:

Flexible Steering

Mountain Toddler Foldable Scooter works with a double spring gravity steering system. The front wheel can return to the center position automatically after turning, reducing the risk of deviation while turning. It also helps your kid to maintain balance, prevents rollover, and turns more flexibility.

Easy Height Adjustment

Mountalk Foldable Scooter is a mini toddler scooter for your kid. They are easy to adjust and are durable also. It grows up with your kids and offers them a long-term companionship in riding outdoors. It comes with three different height options 23.5″ / 25.5″ / 27.5” perfectly suitable for your small kids.

Polyurethane Wheels With LED Lights

This three-wheel toddler scooter, along with its durable PU wheels, provides your kid a good cushioning in varieties of terrains and mute when running. Rear-wheel can glow without using a battery when your kid’s scooter slides. Thus, providing safety for kids playing at night.

Innovative Design

The critical feature which differentiates it from other three-wheel scooters is its unique super cute dog design. Due to which it has won Hong Kong and baby product award. All protection wheels can prevent 90 percent of objects from getting stuck inside the wheel and protect their bearings. It allows your kid to use it for a long time.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable
  • LED lights and PU wheels
  • 30 days warranty


  • Can be difficult for toddlers to steer.
  • Front nose can get caught on bumps causing the scooter to flip

Final Verdict

The best thing is that it is specially designed for toddlers. If your kid is just three or a little more, then the Mountalk toddler scooter is the best one to get. It gives your kid a safe and noiseless ride.

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8. Beleev Scooters for Kids

Beleev Scooters for Kids

Believe Scooters for Kids is another excellent three-wheel scooter. It has been designed with some new features not used by any other scooter. They are the best ones for your kid. 

Handlebar Adjustment

This three-wheel Beleev kick Scooter designs with an adjustable handlebar, which means it allows your kid to enjoy its ride for longer. T-bar with a secure lifting lock can be adjusted 25.4 inches to 32.7inches from the ground level. There are also four height adjustment options to accommodate kids ages 3 to 14 years old, suitable for 33 inches to 64 inches of height.

Wheels And Deck

This three-wheel kick scooter features two big front wheels and small rear LED wheel, which are bright in the daytime. These wheels are motion-activated and can be turned on without the batteries.

Light gets brighter and brighter as the scooter’s speed increases. This toddler scooter consists of an extra-wide deck design. It can also hold up to 110 lbs of weight. Its deck is made up of anti-slipping material.

Lean To Steer System And Lightweight

It is designed to offer your kid better control turning and keeps balance easily by your child’s physical incline. It consists of a large aluminum reinforced rear brake that helps to stop the scooter even at high speed. It is also very lightweight and can be taken anywhere quickly.


  • 4 level height adjustment
  • Non-Slip plastic-coated deck
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Aluminum made foot brakes


  • Handlebars don’t fold for storage
  • Small rear-wheel limits outdoor flexibility

Final Verdict

The BELEEV Kick Scooter is a solid choice, incredibly when accommodating kids of different ages and heights. It boasts a more comprehensive range of adjustability than most kid’s scooters on the market.

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9. SHUMI Kids Scooter

SHUMI Kids Scooter

If you are looking for a scooter for toddlers, then the best in business is SHUMI Kids Scooter. It is perfectly suitable for your kid. After Looking at its features, you will choose it for your kid.

Reflective Design And Heavy Duty

SHUMI Kids Scooter designs with reflective strips enhance riding fun and make you feel safe at night. One press button to release and detach the handlebar in few seconds.

It makes it easy to store it anywhere. It also features ABEC-7 bearings, two 120mm big front wheels, a 100mm back wheel, and an extra expansive deck. Steel forks and those ABEC-7 bearings absorb bumps in the sidewalk during your kid’s ride.

Flashing Wheels And Height Adjusting Feature

These SHUMI toddler scooters designs with adjustable handlebar option them. It can be adjusted from 25 inches to 32 inches. It grows up with your kid from 3 and can be used until he turns 12.

It also consists of three LED motion-activated wheels. It offers many riders plenty of fun while riding. It is Designed with silicon-injected grips and a noiseless free, quick stop brake for speedy riders to help them with better control over the scooter.


  • Adjustable height
  • Good braking system
  • LED lightning wheels
  • Lightweight


  • Not Foldable
  • Expensive to buy

Final Verdict

After seeing these above features, it should have been a clear choice for you if you are willing to purchase a three-wheel toddler scooter. It is durable, and the material is also of very high quality to resist scratches and harmful damages. So you should buy one as a gift for your kid without hesitation.

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10. X-HOBON Scooter for Kids

X-HOBON Scooter for Kids

X-HOBON Scooters is another well-known brand for buying a three-wheel scooter for your kiddos. But before buying it, you must be aware of which features this brand is offering you? according to your kid’s needs and your affordability. After reading those features, you can make a clear decision to buy them or not.

Easy to Install And Carry With You

The T-shaped handle of the X-HOBON Scooter can be easily installed and can also be folded without any tools. Whether you are going for outdoor sports or park it somewhere, you can easily do that without effort.

Durable Material And Intelligent Turning

It is made up of long-lasting and hard metal. It is capable of holding up to 150 lbs of weight on its strong deck. Its handles are provided with soft grip pads and a non-slip deck for a safe outdoor ride.

The other best thing about this X-HOBON Scooter is that you can easily control the turning and balancing of the scooter by physical incline. It also provides a quickly accessible rear foot brake for a safe and speedy secure stop.

Flashing Wheels And Height Adjustment

This X-HOBON Scooter features two large front PU wheels and a small rear PU wheel. These wheels have LED lighting in them, which gives them extra shine.

It increases your kid’s fun while riding as the wheel starts rotating and lights glow up. It is also designed with adjustable handlebars. T- bar with a twisting lock can be adjusted from 26 inches to 34 inches. It can be a long-term companion for your child by using this feature.


  • Super Lightweight
  • Wider standing board or deck· 
  • Easy to Learn
  • Height Adjustable


  • Height Adjustable
  • Not even a little suitable for teenagers.

Final Verdict

By reading these features, you must have chosen X-HOBON Scooter for your kid because of its modifications. Though it is a little bit expensive, it’s durable and has a good quality material structure.

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How to Choose The Best Three Wheel Scooter For Kids?

Whenever you go to buy something from the market, you always do research regarding it. It is because everyone’s requirements are different. The same is the case with three-wheel scooters also. Following are some essential things you should consider while purchasing a three-wheel scooter for your kid.

1.Storage And Maintenance

After getting satisfied with the features of the three-wheel scooter you are buying, there are other things to consider. The first thing is storage. While most of them have a folding feature but not all have it. If you have a short place, make sure the scooter you buy is foldable, making it easy for you to store it.

 Another thing you should consider is maintenance. You should buy a three-wheel scooter that is easy to maintain. You can consider that how easy it will be to adjust its handlebars and align its wheels. So think about these two things before buying a three-wheel scooter.


The next thing to analyze before buying any three-wheel scooter is that is durable or not? Especially if it’s adjustable and has a high weight-bearing capacity, you can reasonably expect the scooter to grow up with your child. However, if you want to be safe from buying a new one, again and again, you should consider this point before purchasing it.

3.Style And Other Special Features

To develop your kid’s interest in a scooter, buy him a stylish one with bright colors and other engaging features. By opting for a three-wheel scooter, you will likely get more benefits out of the scooter.

In the end, after considering all these things, think about any particular feature you want in a three-wheel scooter for your kid. There are light-up wheels to improve visibility, padding on the handlebars, and grittier surfaces on the scooter’s base. Depending on the age and interest of the child, these features will make the scooter more helpful for your kid.

What Age Is A Three Wheel Scooter For?

Many kids popularly use Three-wheel scooters. It is specially designed for young riders like toddlers because the most important thing to learn is balancing. This scooter is self-balanced. You should use a three-wheel scooter if your child is around 3 to 7 years old and struggling with two-wheelers.

A three-wheel scooter is more convenient because its riding style helps toddlers quickly understand the dynamic between the rider’s position of the rider’s center of mass and the turning speed. It also helps your kid develop confidence while riding outdoors. This self-confidence helps them to learn two-wheel scooters or bicycles quickly later on.

Are three wheel scooters safe?

Yes, three-wheel scooters are safer for toddlers having age three or a little more. It is because they come pre-balanced directly out of the box. Two front wheels and one back wheel support the scooter to keep things balanced and give your child a safe ride.

With the help of three-wheel scooters, your toddler can ride without any hassle, but things get complicated when it comes to balance. Three-wheel scooters are grippier. That is why they are safer for toddlers.

It boosts balancing skills and helps your kid to learn motor riding skills fast. Also, its wheels are larger, and they help in rugged terrains and prevent rolling up of the scooter. That’s why it is always preferable for beginners or toddlers.

Why Would Someone Choose A 3 Wheel Scooter Over A 4 Wheel Scooter?

While you cannot go with either scooter, each scooter has different advantages and disadvantages. Usually, if your kid is a girl, she would like to have a small scooter, mostly a three-wheeler, but if you have a boy, he would like to have a structural scooter like a motor car can only be a four-wheeler scooter. But before making your decision, you should read the difference between them carefully.

If we see a three-wheel scooter, it has a low turning radius which helps maintain better balance. In contrast, four-wheelers have a higher turning radius. Three-wheel scooters are lightweight. They can easily be carried away anywhere and can be stored easily. Three-wheel scooters are also perfect for indoor use.

In comparison, four-wheel scooters are large and heavy, so they require more storage space. They are mostly used outdoors. Three-wheel scooters have more legroom for taller kids while, on the contrary, they don’t have this feature. If we look at affordability, three-wheel scooters are comparatively easy to afford compared to four-wheel scooters. Hence, three-wheel scooters are ideal than four-wheelers, so if your kid is a toddler, then it’s a perfect one to buy.


We hope that you have decided which three-wheel scooter suits your kids? Did you find this article helpful for buyers? Please share it with your friends and family so they can benefit as well.

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