Best Roller Skates For Girls

10 Best Roller Skates For Girls in 2022(Review & Guide)

Not only do boys like and buy roller skates but also girls. They are ideal for indoor ice skating and outdoor skating. In addition, roller skates with vibrant colors are also the perfect gifts for your girls. This article will review the 10 best roller skates for girls with a fantastic buying guide. Ultimately, we will answer some common questions to remove confusion. So keep reading!

10 Best Roller Skates For Girls in 2022

1. Cowhide High-Top Classic Double-Row Roller Skates For Girls

Cowhide High-Top Classic Double-Row Roller Skates For Girls

You won’t find a better pair of skates for this one. These are straight-line roller skates in vibrant colors and a Double Derby design that offers more stability.
These shoes are made from ecological cowhide leather. The closure system has drawstrings that ensure the security of your feet in the shoes. The main reason why they are suitable for beginners is that they have a perfect fit. Besides, they come with features like a front support column that provides the most comfort.


This product has wheels with ABEC 5 bearings that allow skaters a smooth ride. A plus point is that these soft wheels will help them learn and become great skaters.

Safe To Wear

You must be safe when skating indoors and outdoors. But no need to worry because this pair has high-top shoes and high-quality laces that offer optimal protection to the feet.

Double-Row Design

These skates have a classic double-row design that makes them safer to wear and makes the pair ideal to wear for kids.

Wear And Tear Resistant

There is no need to buy roller skates again and again as these are wear and tear-resistant. It is made from durable materials, providing your skater girl with safe and reliable performance.


  • Wear-resistant wheels.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Double-row design.
  • Wheels light up.


  • Thin material used.

Final verdict:

These shoes are comfortable to wear. The impressive design offers maximum stability and enhances the skater’s performance. This will be your lucky charm if you are looking for comfortable, sleek, and easy-to-handle skates.

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2. Wheelkids Roller Skates For Girls

Wheelkids Roller Skates For Girls

These roller skates give you a super attractive look. The upper is made from polyurethane, and unlike most skates, this pair features a hook and loop closure system. These skates are perfect for a smooth ride.

They are suitable for all types of surfaces – from the basement floor to rinks, and you can wear these and skate wherever you like! Other than that, the company has excellent customer service that is available 24/7 to answer your queries about the product.


Wheelkids Roller Skates can adjust to your foot size as it comes with four adjustable sizes. It is perfect for growing teenage girls.

Amazing Design

There are beautiful lights on the wheels. The skater will shine bright like a diamond at night!


The wheels have high-performance ABEC-7 full-precision bearings that are perfect for fluent gliding indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the self-generating power LED Light wheels light up the night, and a plus point is that they don’t require any batteries.

Safe To Wear

The durable laces and thickened straps provide stability and keep the foot in one place during skating. You can adjust the cuff buckle to maximize safety if the shoe feels loose.


  • Bright LED light wheels.
  • Cute and unique appearance.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect fitting.


  • It may release a foul odor.
  • Faulty LED lights.

Final verdict:

If you are a beginner in the learning stages to skate, we suggest you buy these. Overall, these roller skates are fantastic! They include everything – from a great outlook and LED light wheels to extra safety features.

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3. Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skate

Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skate

Want to skate as fast as a bullet train? Then try these skates. These skates are manufactured from polyvinyl, and they have high-speed wheels. They are super lightweight; these features help enhance the skater’s agility and performance.

The adjustable truck and toe stop eases movement and prevents skidding. When the skater halts, they come to an instant halt. These skates have a lace closure type, so you can adjust the laces and tie them in a tight knot to securely fasten your feet in the boot.


These Chicago Girls Roller Skates are best for all those girls who want to learn how to skate. One prominent feature of this pair is that it’s lightweight, preventing skaters from feeling fatigued when sliding.

Athletic Design

The Chicago quad skates have a classic, athletic style. The skates have a high-top boot and a padded ankle collar. Both of these features provide ultimate comfort to the wearer.


Your safety is the company’s priority. The skates have an excellent lacing system and durable velcro power strap that allow you to adjust the fitting of the shoes.


The product comes with oversized 60mm high-impact wheels made of urethane that help you skate smoothly indoors and outdoors. Moreover, these wheels are attached to an adjustable aluminum truck that you can adjust to your needs. The semi-precision bearings offer excellent stability to the skater.


  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Adjustable skates.
  • Awesome Quality.


  • The stopper comes off.
  • The wheels come off.

Final verdict:

These skates look pretty elegant, and wearers can enjoy a smooth, speedy glide when skating. We would say that this is the best product you should get for your girls regarding speed.

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4. Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates

Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates

Sleek and speed, this pair of skates will give you all that a passionate skater deserves. These skates are manufactured from pure urethane; you would feel like you are wearing nothing.

These shoes come with 56mm x 33mm, polyurethane Roller Derby wheels that will give you a smooth, exciting ride. They also have a closure type of laces; thus, you can easily adjust these shoes to ensure ultimate comfort while skating.


These ultimate roller skates include the latest technology adjusting to growing feet (up to four shoe sizes). Moreover, the lightweight, high-impact chassis comes with urethane cushions and metal trucks that offer excellent control when the skater is cruising and turning.


The Candi Girl Lucy roller skates also come with high-quality wheels, making them great to use indoors and outdoors. The wheels also have fast and smooth Bevo silver-5 race-rated chrome bearings that help your child easily maintain their balance and skate.

Boot and Lining

No need to worry about your protection because these roller skates are freestyle high-top boots with soft padded linings. These features offer strong ankle support and ensure that the wearer has a safe, enjoyable skating experience.


This pair of roller skates has a body made from faux leather. This product has lovely pineapple patterns, and the colors used are so fresh!


  • Amazing fit.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • High-quality product.
  • Cute design.


  • Size may cut small.
  • A bit expensive.

Final verdict:

These roller skates are super comfortable and lightweight. The wearer would feel like they aren’t even wearing the shoes. These skates are perfect for all those beginner skaters. Buy these skates and get rolling!

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5. OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates For Girls

OTW-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates For Girls

Want great, fancy skates with all the fantastic features at the best price? These skates are our favorite because they are so comfortable to wear. They have an insole made from polypropylene.

The buckles on the shoe ensure your feet don’t move while skating. It is a great pair to purchase as it includes liners and high-precision bearings. These features ensure comfort, but they also improve skating performance and ease the learning process for beginners.

Illuminating Wheels

If you love a bit of glam and glitz, then you should immediately get this product! The PU 82A wheels have good elasticity and offer ultimate stability, but other than that, they include a colorful LED lighting system.

Provides Maximum Comfort

You will enjoy it the most when the skates provide a comfortable and supportive fit. The classic high-top shoe features soft padded collars, power straps, and safety ratchets to support and protect the feet. The lace-up closure ensures the foot is completely secured in the roller skate.

High-Performance Skates

You want the best for yourself, and these high-performance skates come with top-quality components like pure urethane wheels and ABEC-7 full precision bearings.

Amazing Liner

The soft, thickened liner is breathable and prevents the skater from getting tired too quickly. The tongue has a good shock absorption effect that prevents the wearer’s feet from getting injured.


  • Provides ultimate comfort.
  • Best customer service.
  • Offer firm grip and stability.
  • Cool lighting system.


  • Awful smell.
  • Bad packaging.

Final verdict:

This product has the looks and essential features required to give you the best skating experience. The shoe may smell bad in the first few days, but it may go away after some time. However, to offer maximum comfort and protection to beginners – you should purchase this product!

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6. Roller Skates For Girls With Light Up Wheels

Roller Skates For Girls With Light Up Wheels

This shoe is made from premium materials – the body of the boot is made from faux leather and polypropylene, and the wheels are made from polyurethane.

They come with features that offer triple protection, smoothen the ride on the rink, and speed them up without making them feel any pain in their feet. These skates are best for beginners as they come with features that add to the stability and help skaters learn how to balance.


This product has durable PU 82A wheels and a self-powered LED lighting system. The rainbow lights help to spark up the night! The wheelbase is waterproof and wear-resistant. It offers stability to the wearer to have an easy, smooth, and fun ride!

Triple Protection For Safety

These roller skates for girls come with a safety ratchet buckle, power strap, and lace system that helps to fasten the feet properly into the roller skates. At the end of the roller skates, the stopper helps the skater stop instantly and prevent colliding.

Easy Size-Adjustment

Save yourself the money and the time! Buy this product because these shoes can be easily adjusted into four sizes. This feature also allows multiple people to use the same shoes.

Comfortable To Wear

These high-top sneakers have extra padding and a soft liner that provides stability and strong support to the ankle. The shoe’s main body is made from PP material, sandwich mesh, PVC leather, and EPE foam that comforts your feet. Thus, this ensures that skaters enjoy the ride without irritation or fatigue.


  • Extra padding.
  • Super safe to wear.
  • Breathable material.
  • Affordable.


  • A slight cigarette smell.
  • The ankle strap is less sturdy.

Final verdict:

These shoes provide all the essential characteristics to help beginners while learning skating. The roller skates feature a breathable mesh body, extra padding for maximum comfort, and liners that maximize ankle protection. The light wheels help to enhance your skating experience.

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7. Roller Skates For Adults, Women, And Men

Roller Skates For Adults Women And Men

Are you looking for some skates that are suitable to wear for adult women? These roller skates are upgraded versions of those dull, simple ones. This version has a dazzling appearance and comes with extra features that will blow your mind.

For instance, you can adjust the screws of your wheels to ensure that you don’t trip and fall. While skating on different surfaces, changing the reels will help you counter friction and move on the rink smoothly.

Safe To Wear

The wheels of the product don’t wear or tear. Plus, they offer wearers better control of their movements, making it easy for your kids to learn roller skating.

Easy To Clean

We know that cleaning roller skates can be significant pain. The good news is that these roller skates are super easy to clean! Just wipe the dirt from the wheels and body – the shoe will look good as new!

Adjustable Screws

To increase safety, you can adjust the screws before you wear them. If you are a beginner, adjust the screws a little bit tight, and then you can go on an adventurous ride!

High-Quality Product

We can’t stress enough how much the quality of the product matters! The roller skates are highly durable and sturdy. Yup! You’ll save a lot of money because they don’t break in a few months, so you can enjoy skating longer than expected!


  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe to wear.
  • High-quality product.
  • Best delivery services.


  • Inaccurate size chart.

Final verdict:

The product is made from premium materials that make it highly durable and sturdy. When it comes to stability and comfort, this product is excellent! Other than that, if you are tired of having a headache while thinking about cleaning skates, buy this one because cleaning it is a breeze!

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8. Kids Adjustable Roller Skates For Girls

Kids Adjustable Roller Skates For Girls

Only one word can explain these skates – perfection. These skates are available in several sizes, including high-quality components that add to the object’s durability. Moreover, the strap closure system and the polyurethane wheels offer stability.

These high-top shoes are best for beginners because they come with superb features that can help increase the comfort and security level of the wearer. These skates come with the best, from thick paddings and adjustable size to smooth wheels and excellent brake designs!

Very Comfortable

The Kids Adjustable Roller Skates are superbly comfortable to wear. The soft padded collar and high top ensure that your feet remain healthy. Plus, she won’t get tired while training. Nothing can stop her from skating now!

Adjustable Sizes

This will be your perfect choice for growing kids because these skates can be adjusted according to your child’s foot size. Let them grow and adapt this so they can ride whenever they feel like it!


The wheels on these skates go around super smooth. These wheels also have a self-powering LED lighting system that does not require batteries. Trust us; when you show this pair of skates to your child, they will keep staring at it in awe!

Brake Design

These skates come with a double-brake design that is strong, durable, and conveniently grasps balance. It ensures that you do not trip or collide with others when you come to a stop.


  • It comes with fancy, light wheels.
  • Cute design.
  • Adjustable sizes.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Hard-to-read instructions.
  • It may run small.

Final verdict:

This pair of skaters is wonderful on the outside, but from the inside, it’s fantastic! The wearer’s feet will feel super light and comfortable when they put this on. Furthermore, the lightweight wheels are an exciting addition that will wow you!

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9. Impala Quad Skate Skates

Impala Quad Skate Skates

This product comes with excellent features that will step up the game! These Impala skates have a 90s classic look, but the leather isn’t real, and the best thing is that this is a PETA-Approved product.

Another best thing about this product is its excellent braking system that ensures complete security. The aluminum truck and base plate make the shoe super lightweight. Plus, the lace eyelets are easy to adjust for a perfect fitting.


The roller skates are well-padded and ultra-comfortable, allowing skaters to cruise on the rink easily. The Impala Quad skates are lighter than a feather, improving agility.

Cute Designs

The Impala skates have a high top that provides extra protection to the ankles and feet. The product also comes in various colors and designs that look pretty when your girls wear them.

PETA Approved

This product feature will be necessary for most people, especially if you are vegan. PETA has approved this product, meaning no material was taken from animals or harmed during the manufacturing process.


The baseplate and truck are made from Aluminum, which adds to the durability, makes the skates super lightweight, and offers stability to the skater.


  • Comes at the best price.
  • Attractive design.
  • Excellent padding.
  • Comfortable.


  • Expensive.
  • Not durable.

Final verdict:

The roller skates come with all the best features at a minimum price. Buy this beautiful pair if you are looking for roller skates that will give you a nostalgic feeling and take you back to the 80s and 90s.

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10. CHICAGO Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate

CHICAGO Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate

The CHICAGO Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skates have a low cut, making them great skates for all advanced skaters. These skates don’t offer ankle support, so experts recommend them. However, these skates have a perfect fitting and are incredibly comfortable to wear.

The shoe comes with four-speed, polyurethane wheels of size 62 mm. The durable and robust toe stops ensure that the skater stops abruptly when she’s done skating. This product also includes a lace closure type and straps providing extra support, stability, and comfort for all skaters.

Comfortable Fit

It’s time you buy them the ultimate roller skates to help them get ahead in the race. The CHICAGO Bullet Ladies Roller Skates are durable as they are manufactured from vinyl. They also come with a lace closure system that allows you to adjust so that the shoe fits you perfectly.


These skaters feature wide 62mm urethane wheels with precision bearings and fixed axels. These will give you greater control and agility – all racers dream of having!


The Chicago Bullet roller skates also have a controlled low-cut boot that allows wearers to move freely. The lace closure system ensures that your feet are fastened tightly, making the wearer feel comfortable.


This pair of skaters have a sporty design and don’t come with a high top. So, if you are looking for a shoe for beginners, this isn’t the one for you. Otherwise, if you have skaters that participate in races, then purchase this product!


  • Best for racers.
  • Provides ultimate comfort.
  • Good lacing system.
  • Great stability.


  • It may run small.
  • A little too narrow.

Final verdict:

These shoes are suitable for racers, but there are mixed views about the comfort and stability it provides to wearers. However, these roller skates have received many positive reviews if they do, so it isn’t harmful to try them out!

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How to Choose the Best Roller Skates For Your Girls

With so many options, picking one is hard as you don’t want to make the wrong choice. You need to calm down because you can read our detailed buying guide to help you. Let’s get straight into it!

1.    Adjustable VS Non-Adjustable

When buying roller skates, the first question that pops into your mind is if you should purchase adjustable roller skates because you or your kid/teenager has a speedy growth. Therefore, we suggest you buy roller skates that can adjust to four sizes. Non-adjustable roller skates may look sleek and intelligent, but they aren’t appropriate for fast-growing kids.

2.    Low Cut Or High Cut

Have you decided to learn roller skating? Well, you should get a pair of high-cut skates because they offer excellent ankle stability and make it easy for you to learn how to skate. However, if you are an advanced skater, you can get them a pair with a low cut. Such skates don’t provide ankle support, but they do improve speed.

3.    Comfort

Many shoes come with extra padding, breathable mesh, or soft liners, so you should always watch out for these features because you don’t want to get distracted because of the discomfort. Make sure that there is room within the shoe so the skaters can move quickly.

4.    Safety And Support

You must never overlook this feature because you don’t want to get hurt when enjoying your skating experience. We have listed many shoes with excellent braking designs and lace closure systems to secure the foot. Some shoes also come with shock absorbers that prevent the feet from getting injured when you collide with something.

5. Beautiful appearance

Appearance is critical because most girls like beautiful Roller Skates. These gorgeous gifts can make them full of confidence. In addition, the colored lights on the wheels will make it safer to slide at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Choose the Best Roller Skates For Girls?

We know that shopping for a product online can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best outcome for yourself or someone else. Always watch for features that provide safety, comfort, agile and smooth glides, and excellent designs. You can check out our buying guide above for further details.

2. Which type of roller skates is best for Girls?

In our opinion, the best of all these options is the Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Girls Roller Skates, as it has superb features that enhance your child’s performance and maximizes safety. The cute pineapple design on the body to the adjustable fitting and safe-to-wear design comes with all the features that a beginner skater’s shoe must include.

3. What age is suitable for roller skates?

If you want your kids to be interested in the sport, you can buy them their first pair of roller skates when they turn four or five. Learning to skate at this age will help them quickly learn and master all the skating skills.

4. Are roller skates safe for kids?

Of course, they are! You shouldn’t be over-concerned about your child’s safety when roller skating, but you can take care of a few things. For example, you can supervise them, check out the quality of the product, ensure they are wearing safety equipment, and don’t forget to buy the best size for your child.

5. What size roller skates should I buy?

We recommend that if you buy roller skates for your kid, buy one that has one size larger than their average shoe size. This way, you don’t have to rush to the market to buy roller skates every three months.

6. What are the benefits of roller skating?

Roller skating strengthens the heart and bones and decreases blood glucose concentration. Moreover, roller skating also helps lower cholesterol levels, reduce body fat, develop strength, and relieve stress.

7. Is skating badly for the knees or back?

If you suffer from vertebrae dislocations or back pain, you should not skate, worsening the pain. However, much evidence supports that people who want to exercise and relieve chronic knee pain should try roller skating. However, if your child is fit and does not experience any health issues, you shouldn’t even think about this question because skating has multiple health benefits!

8. What safety equipment do you need for your kids?

We all know your safety’s importance, so if your kid is beginning to skate, you must buy some safety equipment to avoid getting injured while sliding. These safety equipment include knee pads, elbow pads, a wrist guard, a helmet, etc.


We hope this article helped you buy the best roller skates for your girls! Every product has something according to your need, but the final decision is yours. Consider each feature in the buying guide before making the final purchase.

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