Toys And Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girl

40 Ideal Toys And Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girl

Do you intend to surprise your 8-years-old girl with something special for a birthday or Christmas?

You must be searching for an age-appropriate, fantastic gift for your girl. It can be for her birthday, Christmas, holiday, or another occasion. We are solving your problem by enlisting the top 40 toys and gifts for your 8-year-old girl.

You will find story and joke books, STEM games, electronic gadgets, puzzles, blocks, and many other options in this list. We briefly describe each toy to give you an idea about its features and how it will help your kids.  All you have to do is scroll down and take your pick.

Top 40 best Toys And Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls

1. Deluxe Rock Painting Kit

Deluxe Rock Painting Kit

If you are searching for a birthday gift for your daughter and have no idea what to get, consider buying a Deluxe Rock Painting Kit. Painting is the best way for kids to express themselves. Playing with colors and creating something with their imagination boosts their self-confidence and strengthens their memory.

This painting kit is a fun toy and improves their motor skills. There are ten stones, a stone stand, paints, and other materials to make painting fun.

The manufacturers used non-toxic and washable paint. They have certificates from ASTM-D4236, MSDS, and CPC. That ensures the high quality of material that is suitable for kids.

You can replace it or take your money back within 30 days if there is an issue. In short Rock Painting kit is a very suitable toy for girls aged six and above. 

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2.  Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

If your 8-year-old girl is interested in buildings and architecture, or you want to develop her STEM learning. This Architectural Engineering set is for your kid.

Start from the basic structure and build a miniature building. With the help of plastic pieces, your child can make more than 20 real-world buildings. Yet, they can create their building design by experimenting with domes, arches, and towers.

Your kid will learn about building materials and how scientific learning is helping modern architects. You will also get a 44-page manual guide.

Thames & Kosmos’ all sets are compatible with each other hence all pieces fit perfectly. The Architectural Engineering set has won the Parents Choice Gold Award. 

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3.  Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

If you are thinking about buying something your child can enjoy with family, Melissa & Dough’s family game is a good option. It is an ideal gift for kids aged eight and above.

There are so many ways to set up and several variations in the rules that your kid will never get bored. 4 players will try to balance the game rods on the frame rods.

This award-winning game will develop your child’s cognitive and interpersonal skills, resilience, and self-confidence. 

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4.  Tokecy, Kids Tablet

Tokecy, Kids Tablet

Tokecy, kids Tablet is a great gift option. Now that kids are home due to covid, almost all are using gadgets. This tablet comes with Iwiwa parental control. Now you can set screen time and decide the age-appropriate apps for download.

It has the latest Android 11 operating system, which works faster than Android 10, and has access to Google services like Gmail, maps, etc. Tablet has 2GB RAM/ 32 GB ROM to store photos. It can be connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. Hence, your kid can watch YouTube and download different games.

It has an 8inch IPS-protected screen that will keep your little one’s eyes safe. A beautiful cover will keep the tablet safe from minor falls. Once fully charged, it is good to go for the next 8 hours.

In short, buying Tokecy, a kid tablet, is an excellent option for learning and playing.

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5. ArmoGear Laser Tag

ArmoGear Laser Tag

Let us suggest something that can take your kid away from the screen. That is a set of Laser tag guns. It has vests, invisibility mode, a night vision flashlight, voice-guided direction, and a 150 shooting range.

These laser guns are for multiplayer. Therefore a whole family can have a blast. It has a lifelike gun sound that immerses kids in the game. Kids can choose from a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket mode.

3 AAA batteries are used in guns and vests for the kids’ safety. Infrared signal emission -9mW is used to keep kids safe. Your eight years old will love these laser guns.

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6.  Electric Hoverboard

Electric Hoverboard

This hoverboard can be an excellent gift for your kid, even if she is a beginner. Its self-balancing system helps kids to learn fast and stay safe. It has almost 13 colors to choose from. Your child will love all its cool features, like the high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

If safety is your concern, the hoverboard has it covered. It has non-slippery pads and bright LED lights-up wheels for safety and style.

Once it is fully charged, your kid can use it for 3-4 hours. Although this hoverboard complies with the U.S. and U.L. safety standards, it’s good to use protective gear before riding.

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7.  Just My Style Light Up Diary

Just My Style Light Up Diary

Most eight-year-old girls have so many plans and secrets. Glittery bright stuff attracts them. If your kid is one of them, a Light Up diary is the best present for her. She can write all her necessary plans, thoughts, and daily routine in this diary.

She can personalize and decorate all 80 pages with different stickers. If there is something crucial she wants to remember, the heart button will put it in the spotlight.

She can use a lock and key to ensure that all her secrets are safe. This light-up diary will become a great source of beautiful memories for your kid.

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8. Trendy Soprano Ukulele

Trendy Soprano Ukulele

If your daughter is interested in music, buying a Ukulele for her birthday is a good idea. This Hawaiian ukulele comes in seven different colors. You can pick her favorite color.

Basswood, considered high-tune wood, is used for ukulele frames. Its four nylon strings can hold the tune for longer and not hurt the fingers. With the metal tunic pegs, you can stretch the strings as required.

There are 12 frets on the hardwood fingerboard to produce multiple songs. After practicing a little, kids can easily use it to create harmonious tunes.

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9. IQKidz Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

IQKidz Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

Your daughter is going to love this I.Q. Bracelet maker kit. She can make bracelets for her friends and family. This kit will help to improve her motor skills and creativity.

There are seven different bracelet designs in this kit. She can make 12 bracelets with multicolor threads, breaded elastics, weaving loom, and clasps. Everything comes beautifully packed in a portable storage box.

Kids in their teens love to make beautiful things and show off their skills. Girls ages 8-12 can easily follow the instruction booklet. They can braid unique-style bracelets and give them as a present to their friends.

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10.  Ahoskie Kids Baking Set

Ahoskie Kids Baking Set

If you have a kitchen assistant to help you in baking, Unicorn Theme Kids Baking Set is a perfect gift for her. Now she can use her accessories, apron, chef hat, eight pastry cones, and other stuff.

These toys are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, so they are safe to use in real-life baking. This baking set has a storage box, so kids learn to clean after their mess.

All the things are designed to fit kids 3-8. Now is the time to let your child bake some biscuits and cookies and have fun.

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11.    Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets

Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets

Your kid is going to fall in love with these Mini PomPom Pets. An innovative way of improving your kid’s creativity and motor skills.

Kids will be able to create 20 animals without any outside help. Measuring tape, yarn, beaded eyes, wires, etc., everything is included in the packaging. The ideas and instruction book are all they need to get started.

All the animals are built at a different difficulty levels; thus, kids improve their skills. Ultimately, they will have a nice collection to play with and share with friends.

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12. BRYSETEN Unicorns Waterproof Camera

BRYSETEN Unicorns Waterproof Camera

Let your daughter capture all memorable moments and save them in the Bryseten Unicorn Camera. It can take photos or record videos with a 2.0-inch HD IPS screen. Kids love its 180-degree reversible selfie design, frames, and filter effects.

Kids can use this camera underwater and during any other outdoor activities. Use it as a camera, play games, or listen to music.

It has a lithium battery; once fully charged, the Unicorn camera can work for almost 2 hours. This camera will enhance your child’s senses and allow them to see the world through a lens. You can enjoy some free time while they will capture all the happy moments.

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13. Toy Makeup Set with Real Cosmetic Case

Toy Makeup Set with Real Cosmetic Case

Most girls in their tweens start playing with makeup. If your daughter loves using your makeup, it may be time you buy her a Beauty Makeup Kit for her coming birthday. This fantastic kit with a storage box to keep everything safe in one place and avoid littering.

It is a kid’s friendly kit packed with washable and stain-free materials. The box contains essential makeup brushes, nail paints, lipsticks, and eye shades. High-quality material meets safety standards for international children’s toys(CPSIA, CPC, ASTM certificates). All cosmetics are used on the skin to prevent any allergies.

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14.ThinkFun Gravity Magze

ThinkFun Gravity Magze

Gravity Maze is a great STEM game for kids. It will challenge their brain and improve their understanding of science and engineering understanding. The Gravity maze has 60 challenges with different difficulty levels. It will increase critical thinking and logical reasoning among kids. And a perfect gift for your child.

All the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Kids will build a path in the towers to get their marble to the target and win. It’s a fun way of learning and playing at the same time. Very appropriate for kids aged eight and above.

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15. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Charm Bracelet Making Kit is another fantastic gift for girls aged 5 – 10. This DIY children’s kit has various accessories. You can make three beautiful mermaid theme bracelets. There are metal beads, pendants, charms, chains, and locks. Kids can use their color preferences and personalize the design of their bracelets.

Everything comes packed in an exquisite bamboo box, so kids can store their jewelry without losing anything. This kit will keep your kids busy and provide them with the satisfaction of making stuff with their own hands.

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16. Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity is a perfect birthday gift for your kids. It will double the fun if that game is hilarious. The whole family can have a blast and spend some quality time together.

The box has 95 question cards, 350 answering cards, and ten random and ten blank cards. Unlike many other card games, Kids Create Absurdity is clean and age-appropriate. It is also very easy to understand. This game will convert the whole family into a laughing mess with funny and random answers.

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17. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Books are always the best option if you can’t decide what gifts suit your kids. Books have a significant impact on kids’ personalities and character build-up. Therefore choosing the right book is very important for your eight years old girl.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girl is an award-winning book. The writer portrays a strong-willed, courageous, and impressive individual woman in these stories. They left their home countries and how the new environment shaped their future.

Women from all over the world are featured in these stories. Some are still alive, like Lorella Praeli, and some have become a part of history.

In short, a great book to empower your little one. A chance to discuss some crucial issues you might ignore otherwise.

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18. Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids

Open a new and fun world of science and engineering for your kid. Unlike most activity books, you don’t need expensive materials. Everything used in this book can be found in households. They can make towers with toothpicks, paper cup phones, and many other things.

More than 50 engineering activities are presented in easy step-by-step instructions, colorful pictures, nd detailed explanations. Therefore kids can do these STEAM exercises without your assistance.

Learning becomes easy when your kid can relate science and engineering to real life. This activity book will enhance their knowledge and make them better logical thinkers and problem solvers.

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19. The Big Book of Silly Jokes

The Big Book of Silly Jokes

Your kid will love this joke book. They can tell these jokes to friends and family and create a humorous atmosphere. This book contains funny knock-knock jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, funny illustrations, and puns. Laughter is all you will hear all day long.

The Big Book of Silly Jokes has won many awards. There are more than 800 jokes appropriate for young kids. This book can help improve their reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

The writing tips and practical pointers mentioned in the book help your kid create jokes.

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20. Dream Dollhouse Building Toy Set

Dream Dollhouse Building Toy Set

Suppose you want to give your daughter something that takes her away from the screen. A toy dollhouse is a perfect option for you. This kids princess castle is made of high-quality, durable BPA plastic. It passed the U.S. toys test. The edges of the blocks are smooth, and the pillars are sturdy; thus, kids can build them without hurting themselves.

There are nine rooms, five roof lights, three dolls, pets, and many accessories to make it look realistic. Everything adds to its magical charm: a garden, lounge, staircase, balcony, etc.

Girls at a young age love princess stories and castles. She can assemble the doll’s house as she likes.

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21.  Namoxpa Unicorn Bedding

Namoxpa Unicorn Bedding

Little girls love unicorns and love the stuff that has their picture on it. If that’s the case with your girl, then microfiber, the unicorn bedding set, is an excellent gift for her. It has a digital print with beautiful patterns and bright colors. The soft material will provide a good night’s sleep to your princess.

You can machine wash cold; use a gentle cycle. If you need to use bleach, non-chlorine is suggested. Dry at low temperatures.

Manufacturers are so sure about the quality that they claim you can use it for five years without any issues. Unicorn bedding is a perfect fit for a queen-size bed.

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22. Jaylabz Makey Makey an Invention Kit

Jaylabz Makey Makey an Invention Kit

Another perfect science gift for ages eight and above can be Makey Makey, an invention kit. It is an ideal STEM toy. Teach kids about science and coding. No prior tech knowledge is needed. Kids can start playing as soon as they open it.

This device will let you change everything into a computer key. It will work perfectly fine as long as the material can conduct electricity.

This kit works with windows, Mac, and Chromebook. A fantastic toy to bring out your kids’ creative and innovative side.

MIT developers created this game to make STEM learning fun for kids. Your kids will never get bored with this game due to 1000’s of projects found on

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23.   Puro BT2200s Kid’s Headphones

Puro BT2200s Kid's Headphones

If your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is doing online schooling, then Puro BT2200s can be a perfect present for her. This Headphone is specially designed to protect kids’ hearing. Puro provides sound quality and ideal bass without exceeding the 85db-limited volume range.

It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and many other devices and provides 18 hours of battery life. These lightweight headphones decrease the by 82% surrounding noise.

Now you can relax; even if your princess is addicted to music, her hearing is safe. There is a one-year warranty and 30 days money return policy.

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24.  Smart Watch with Camera

Smart Watch with Camera

Watches are always famous among kids. However, a smartwatch with a camera and many other cool features will make her ecstatic.

1.54 inches IPS touch screen, five built-in games, a rotating camera, calculator, F.M. radio, and flashlight are not all it has. Your kid can also plug in earphones and enjoy an MP3 music player.

With all these features, they maintain quality also. It uses MCC / CF-certified silicon and shock-absorbent high-quality plastic materials. This smartwatch has a chargeable battery that can be used for 2-3 hours. It is designed for kids aged 4-12, thus a perfect present for your girl.

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25.    ORB Sticky Mosaics Butterflies

ORB Sticky Mosaics Butterflies

If your child gets bored very quickly and you want something to keep her busy for longer. Then this Sticky Mosaic butterfly is an ideal gift for her. It is an excellent activity for hand and eye coordination. It also helps kids to focus and don’t get distracted.

There are four butterflies and 2000 sticky stickers. Kids will peel and stick the jewels and tiles on the butterfly and create mosaics. They can choose not to follow the colors and create their butterfly. 

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26. Foldable Kick Scooter

Foldable Kick Scooter

This foldable, lightweight kick scooter is what your growing daughter needs. It will grow with her and save you the effort of buying a new scooter to match her height every few years. Adjustable handlebar, rubber glove steering, and extra-wide deck make it suitable for commuting.

LaScoota used aluminum heat-resistant rear brakes, and non-slide foot stands to ensure the user’s safety. The PU wheels are used to provide a smooth ride. You can fold it at any time you want and can carry it if needed. This beautiful sleek scooter comes in six vibrant colors.

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27.    Cunmucu Roller Skates for Girls

Cunmucu Roller Skates for Girls

Roller Skates are a great way to keep kids physically active. Cunmucu skates are suitable for kids with growing feet since it has four adjustable sizes—girls in their tween love bright things.

Hence the colorful fabric, cartoon design, and fashionable, stylish look attract them. The four wheels are made of P.U. materials and provide a good balance on most surfaces. Quard rollers skate with shiny wheels. The unique part is these are self-generated lights. So no need for batteries.

Kids’ feet get full support and protection with triple protection, straps, buckles, and shoelaces. However, these roller skates are of high quality. However, if you find some issues, you can return or exchange them.

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28.    VATENIC Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

VATENIC Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

Kids love building blocks, and Vatenic Magnetic tiles are perfect for them. These blocks help to develop kids’ imagination and enhance their science, maths, and geometry knowledge.

These colorful glass-looking blocks are made of high-quality materials. Surfaces and edges are smooth, and ultrasonic welding prevents the magnets from falling.

Kids can build so many different structures with these blocks. It gives them a head start in their learning and critical thinking.

Not only do they come in different colors but also in 2D and 3D magnetic shapes. These building blocks are suitable for ages three and above. There is also an idea booklet to get them started.

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29. LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park

LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park

We don’t know a single kid who doesn’t like LEGOs. They have so much variety for girls’ LEGO sets that choosing one becomes difficult. Nothing can go wrong with the Friends Summer Fun Water Park LEGO set.

1001 pieces will turn into a beautiful park with water slides, an ice cream van, water cannon, and a splash bucket. However, what your eight years are going to love are her favorite T.V. show characters.

Fun is not going to end with the completed set. The real fun will start when she spends hours exploring the cool features of the set.

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30.   LEGO Friends City Shopping Mall

LEGO Friends City Shopping Mall

LEGOs are famous because they are durable, reusable, and, most importantly, you don’t need any glue to build them. The city shopping mall has many small details, like a food court, fashion stand, photo booth, and many more. The lego family of four with two kids and two lego girls is set to be part of the mall. All these tools bring this imaginary shopping play to life.

Small accessories in the store, minor details like ATM and kids changing room, are the things that give the mall natural charm.

The city shopping mall has three floors and five shops. A slide connecting two feet gives it a cool touch. A perfect gift for girls aged eight and above so they can relive their day out with family.

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31.  FlashDash Electric Cube

FlashDash Electric Cube

They are trying to keep young minds busy while traveling or outdoors is a challenge for parents. If you are in the same situation, but this FlashDash Electric Cube game. It is neither too tough to play nor so easy that a kid loses interest. Perfectly suitable for kids above 6.

FlashDash has 4 games. Follow me, memorize and follow the exact path.

Chase me, catch the moving flashlight. Catch me; keep pressing the blinking light before time runs out. And finally, Remember me; repeat the pattern the flashlight shows you. You can reduce the volume also.

In short, an excellent choice for developing hand and eye coordination.

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32.  Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Wireless Karaoke Microphone

No birthday or Christmas party is complete without Karaoke. Thus a Wireless Karaoke Microphone will let your kids express themselves. It can be an ideal gift for your daughter or granddaughter.

This microphone is compatible with multiple devices. Your kid can save the songs on 8 G.B. T.F. cards in advance. Five voice change options make this microphone a hit among young girls. A professional audio processor and tuning system produces a quality high-pitch sound.

Kids-safe lithium batteries charged in two hours, providing 8 hours of continuous use. To prevent any damage from crashes or falls, Niskite used aluminum alloy material. They meet U.S. Official CPC toy safety standards to ensure kids’ safety.

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33. Kids’ Waterproof Camera

Kids Waterproof Camera

The best Christmas or birthday gift for girls. This waterproof camera comes with many accessories like a silicon handle, cases, etc. It is a perfect size for small hands, allowing them to capture all memorable, beautiful moments.

Kids can take 8MP quality pics and 1080p H.D. videos. Once she gets this camera, it will go with her on every trip or outing. Two fill lights behind the camera allow her to capture even in darkness. Battery life is also good.

Our life camera has features like four built-in- games, MP3, and bedtimestoriesy.

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34.  Fruit scented Markers Set

Fruit scented Markers Set

The Fruit Scented Markers set is an excellent gift choice if you see a little artist in her. It will be a great way to introduce your girl to STEM education. She can scan the Itsy Unicorn gift card to see the augmented reality experience of  Itchy the Unicorn.

There are four types of 44 pens and markers in this case. She can doodle, draw or color with these markers. Beautiful unicorn packaging, scented tags, and four sticker sheets are bound for your beautiful princess.

Another fun factor is the Itsy Unicorn app. Download it free on your device. Now your little one can get ideas or download free coloring sheets from the app.

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35. Dash–Coding Robot

Dash–Coding Robot

Do you want to help your daughter to learn technical skills? Go for Dash-coding Robot. Dash will respond to the voice command. To control the robot’s movements, kids will use the programming language blockly.

Dash comes ready to use and has five free downloaded apps in it. Therefore it can sing, draw and drag stuff for you. Once fully charged, your kid can play for five hours.

Dash is a great toy that fulfills the purpose of entertainment and education. It has won many awards and is very popular among parents. Your 8-year daughter will love it.

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36. Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

Small girls love to play real-life house games. Princess Castle’s playhouse will become her sanctuary. She will love to have her own space and will learn to keep it clean and organized.

This princess castle is made from very thick 230 polyesters. Therefore she can use it indoors or outdoors without fearing tear and wear.

The American Society for Testing and Materials has passed this tent, making it safe for young kids. It is also safe to use cleaning materials on it.

40 LED star lights give it a very dreamy look. Orian offers a one-year warranty. In case of any issue exchange or money-back return policy is also available.

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37. Osmo – Detective Agency

 Osmo - Detective Agency

Osmo is a mystery game where your child will become a real detective. Kids will search for clues with their magnifying glasses in 6 different cities worldwide. It is a detective agency for iPad and Fire tablets. Where kids not only have fun but will learn geography, history, landmarks, and culture. Plus, it will improve their observation skills and critical thinking.

It is a perfect game for ages 6-12; your girl will love it. It is an award-winning game, and parents like it.

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38.  Life Toy Doctor Kit

Life Toy Doctor Kit

Life toy Doctor Kit is another very effective STEAM educational toy to keep your girl busy for hours. Doctor Kit has 30 toy pieces for a vet, dentist, and Doctor role-play. Alongside many medical tools, a patient doll, a complete costume, a doctor coat, glasses, and a stethoscope are included in the set.

Everything comes inside the box for safekeeping, so kids don’t make a mess or lose their favorite toy. This toy will teach your kid many healthy habits about personal hygiene. If your girl likes to dress up and role-play, this Doctor Set is for her.

The manufacturer used non-toxic, high-standard materials.

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39. Fashion Plates Retro Remix Addition

Fashion Plates Retro Remix Addition

Let your little fashionista explore her creative and imaginative skills with the Fashion Plates remix addition. Let her recreate the classic fashion from the 40s- 90s with mix-and-match plates. She can combine different hairstyles, tops, and skirts and create her fashion portfolio. There are 15 fashion plates, 20 papers, coloring crayons, and a guide for ideas in one pack.

Using rubbing crayons, they trace the design on paper and then color it according to their fashion sense.

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40. President of the Whole Fifth Grade

President of the Whole Fifth Grade

Good books are always the best gift you could give to your kids. Writer Sherri Wintson uses kids’ competitive instincts to teach them to be consistent and morally strong. As a parent, if you also want to tell your little one that competition is good, let her read this book.

It is book 1 of the President series. When Brianna decided to follow in the footsteps of her favorite chef, Miss Delicious, and decided to become the president of her class, she had to compete with Jasmine Moon.

This story is about her internal wars. She could either tell a secret about Jasmine and win or work hard with her friends to win. This is a book for dreamers who want to achieve something big.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What to consider when buying toys and gifts for 8-year-old girls?

You must consider a few key points if you want your 8-year-old girl to enjoy her toys. They will ensure safety and maximize the fun for your princess.

  • Consider the interests, temperament, and habits of your girl.
  • Buy her toys that are appropriate for her age. Mentioned age on toys is to ensure the safety of the kids.
  • The fabric and material should be of high quality. Check for CPSC or other certifications.
  • Very noisy toys can be dangerous for the hearing of young kids. It’s better to avoid them or check if the noise is manageable.
  • Buy some toys that use STEM/ STEAM techniques to teach kids in a fun way. These games help in brain development.
  • Kids often get bored very quickly or have a short span of attention. So buy something that keeps them intrigued and busy.

2. Which gift is best for an 8-year-old girl’s birthday?

You can choose any toy from the above list for your 8-years-old girl’s birthday. It can be anything she is asking for or is interested in. However, in our opinion, a LEGO set can be a perfect gift for her. It is not a one-time game. She will not outgrow it for some time. It gives her the freedom to build anything using her imagination and creativity. And most importantly, all LEGO sets are compatible with each other hence kids keep extending their buildings and can mix and match.

3.  What are some of the best toys for 8-year-old girls?

Some of the best toys each eight years girl must have are the ones that provide fun and education simultaneously. There should be a variety in her toys. Toys that keep her busy mentally and physically. You can choose anything from the list above, like Rebel Girls, Engineering Activities, Dream Dollhouse, Smart Watch, Markers Set, and many more.


Above is the list of 40 toys your eight-year-old girl might want for her birthday or Christmas. We hope you get an idea and find something she will love. We tried to add toys from all categories, from fashion to learning and science to history.

Some toys provide learning, and fun others will enhance their cognitive and social skills. Some toys she can enjoy alone, and others can be used to have a blast with family and friends.

We included toys with different price options, so check your budget and go for it. Anything you choose from the list above is going to make her happy.

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